An Open Notebook

Books of the Bible


1. The Story-Law

The Torah

2. The Prophets

Early Prophets & Later Prophets

3. The Writings

 Narratives, Songbook, Wisdom, & Story-Wisdom

4. The New Covenant

The Gospels, Paul’s Letters, &  Apostolic Letters

Or, if framed another way.

Old Covenant

The Beginning (‘Genesis’)
The Crossing (‘Exodus’)
The Priestly (‘Leviticus’)
The Wilderness (‘Numbers’)
The Law Retold (‘Deuteronomy’)

Book of Joshua (‘God Saves’)
Book of Saviors (‘Judges’)
Book of David (‘1 and 2 Samuel’)
Book of Kings (‘1 and 2 Kings’)

God is Salvation (‘Isaiah’)
God Raises (‘Jeremiah’)
God Strengthens (‘Ezekiel’)
The Twelve (‘The Minor Prophets’)

God Judges (‘Daniel’)
Compassion (‘Esther’)
The Chronicles (‘1 & 2’)
The Temple Texts (‘Ezra-Nehemiah’)

The Songs (‘Psalms’)
The Sayings (‘Proverbs’)
The Teacher (‘Ecclesiastes’)
Song of Songs (‘Song of Solomon’)
Song of Tears (‘Lamentations’)
The Persecuted (‘Job’)
The Friend (‘Ruth’)
An Open Notebook

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