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Tracing the Trinity


If you chop the Trinity, it’s tritheism. If you spread the Trinity it becomes pantheism or Gnoticism. If you collapse the Trinity into a shapeshifter, it’s simply Modalism recast. And, if you turn the Trinity into merely a will, it’s just Arianism again.

Yet, as one example of many, the famous German, Schleiermacher, tosses the Trinity at the end of his work as an appendix. As we know from the common medical procedure today, an appendix can be removed and the book still live, like the appendix of a human being.

Is that really what the church thinks of the Trinity? We should consider the Trinity the heart, not an appendage. 

If God is love, and love is tripartite, he must be Triune. In the Trinity we see love is such that you’ll lay down your life, or take up your cross, for your beloved.

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