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Understanding Seeking Doxology


Many have adopted Anslem’s famous phrase ‘Fides Quarens Intellectum’ – faith seeking understanding,as their life motto, but many lack the phrase put in addendum: ‘understanding seeking doxology’. Plenty use their faith to attempt to understand the world God made, and the one who created it. Yet, fewer still are seeking to use their reason to glorify God.

You see, when Anselm says, ‘I believe in order to understand’, a faith tethered and tied to reason, Anselm would naturally not stop there; he would say you’re understanding is meant to glorify God. 

Faith Seeking Understanding,

Understanding Seeking Doxology.

If you’re not seeking to glorify God with what you know, your own reason only selfishly benefits yourself.

As a human being, it’s not like you have the option to worship–you have to worship. You must worship; it is part of your nature as a human being, man or woman. You are a worshiping, emotional, rational, being, an indivisible whole, who cannot divide, compartmentalize, your faculties. You will either will worship God, glorify him properly, or you will glorify someone else, often your own self.

So, when people say, ‘be yourself’ – do not take this to mean ‘be your sinful self’ (though this may be what they intend, intentionally or ignorantly), but be whom your Creator best meant you to be—a creature who uses faith and reason together, and uses your understanding to live rightly, and love wholly, glorifying God fully.

The relational self, the one who relates to God and man rightly, that seeks to love and glorify God, is the best self. The self who relates to God through the paradigm Faith seeking understanding, understanding seeking doxology, is the best self.

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