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Falling in Love With Voice


People have been discriminating against accents since the dawn of sin. Certain voices appear attractive to us and we act upon that beauty when we filter them based upon our desires. 

Heartfelt as this may be, such impulse can’t be always good, when we depend on this sense above all others.  As it appears, we seem to filter and cluster kinds of voices (genres) into categories, first for good, so we can process them quickly, but then for bad (so we can censor that voice from our worldview, correlating to our natural wants)

Certain accents or vocabularies must be intuitively prioritized (think Southern accent, German accent, academic vocabulary, colloquial vocabulary) because we connect patterns as to what kind of information usually proceeds from them. When a people group exhibits particular tendencies, it becomes easy for us to stereotype. 

But ‘voice’ extends to other media as well, such as writing and music. I have a feeling people fall in love with certain kinds of music because they fall in love with the mood and sound of the music. This could be an artist, a genre, and even ‘voiceless’ music (i.e. soundscapes). 

People begin to fall in love with voice they think best represents the world, or themselves, just like an infant soothed by the voice of its mother. 

Voices that represent anything exotic (other), are often discriminated. Some people will not listen to those who sound like Southern fundamentalists; others reject those who have Spanish accents. Others reject those who speak like philosophers. And the list goes on.

But, we also accept voices that we like, again to our blessing and detriment. Late-night comedy makes people feel ‘good,’ but often people start to take this genre and base their stances of the world upon it, because it feels ‘good’ to get the joke. 

When a society starts to use certain negative voices, mediums, or moods (Twitter) as its source of worldview forming, we definitely have a problem.

All this to say, we would be far better off if people checked their presuppositions of voice at the door. Not entirely giving them up, but certainly acting Christ-like in the sense that we have a posture of openness and humility, not racism and self-censorship.

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