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Falling in Love With Voice


People have been discriminating against accents since the dawn of sin. Certain voices appear attractive to us and we act upon that beauty when we filter them based upon our desires.  Heartfelt as this may be, such impulse can’t be always good, when we depend on this sense above all others.  As it appears, we seem to filter and cluster kinds of voices (genres) into categories, first for...

Nine Priorities for a Christian Politic


As follows are my abbreviated comments on Littejohn’s original post, for Christians who live in a world where we are merely pilgrims, awaiting a new home one day–yet with responsibilities to inaugurate the Kingdom of God on earth. Limited aims and aspirations: Christians hopefully have realized the limits of politics over our interactions with the world in the last 2,000 years...

The Order of Biblical Books


The way the Bible has been printed has affected the way we look at its contents. Even the way in which books are ordered affects the way they are read. For a long time, we have taught people the order reflected in most printings (which, inherently is a practical skill, to find what you’re looking for). But, it might be better theologically to think in terms of canonical function, rather...

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