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Faith and Writing


‘Good writing starts with belief.’  In using this phrase, many self-help, writing-handbooks, called ‘styleguides’ might tell the reader this belief is ‘in yourself.’ Yet, it’s not.  As Steven Pinker alludes to in The Sense of Style, good writing starts with the ‘belief’ (or, at very worst, the pretense) that our world can be...

Quelle Canon?


Two presuppositions haunt the thoughts of both secular and sacred interpreters who are involved in canon studies, when they consider  what books should be in the ‘canon.’ These could be tritely summarized as ‘life as order’ and ‘life as chaos.’ The first connects to people, with varying levels of ‘certitude,’ who have some lingering supposition that...

Book-Historical Methods


Book-historical methods take six kinds of questions and gather data corresponding to the particular object to be researched. This includes four forms of lower criticism and a couple kinds of form-criticism and high-criticism, listed as follows: When was this object produced (written)? From what physical phenomena? In what form (integrity)? Where was it made (localization)? By whom was it crafted...

State Your Peace (Piece)


Darius Rucker has now had a long and illustrious career, starting on the airways of Adult-Contemporary, and eventually migrating to country music. Overcoming their horrendous name, his first band, Hootie and the Blowfish bowled a run of chart-topping songs in 1994, accompanied by their bluesy-upbeat style, yet slowly fading into practical irrelevance by 2005. There’s even an industry...

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