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In a flurry of wind and bluster, winter has come upon us. The rest of the year seems like shifting shadows in the snow. Pretty soon, we’ll be making New Years Resolutions; then the blizzard of life truly begins.  But, if we take a step back and reflect on matters beyond our own lives, let us remember Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions, many of which he wrote when he was nineteen. At some...

Trinity Today


Despite the fact ‘Trinity Church’ might be one of the most common names for Christian establishments, the Trinity has long been neglected in Christian teaching, put on the backburner of our church-projects. It would take no grand leap-of-logic to claim our habitual neglect of the Trinity has eroded our ethics, hindered our imaginations, dulled our life, and frozen our passions. Yet...

Confession: Patrick’s View of ‘Self’


In the fourth century, Augustine of Hippo published one of his most influential and revolutionary works, titled Confessions—the autobiography of his life. In such text, the esteemed Latin scholar detailed his theology and anthropology in a medium few had ever seen or heard. An autobiography, the first in the world, it expressed Augustine’s thoughts largely in the first person, emphasizing in...

An Open Notebook

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